Kiosk Solutions Aug-Sept 2019 | Page 2

kiosk software Does your software fit your kiosk platform? Is your Kiosk platform designed to: Maximise system resilience and uptime? Eliminate the cost and effort of patch management? Minimize cyber security risks? Paradox is a light-weight operating system and management platform designed specifically for dedicated computing terminals and kiosks. Paradox removes the complexity of managing Windows or Android, automating software deployment and configuration. Designed from the ground-up to prevent kiosk ‘break- out’, and resist targeted security attacks, with a security architecture accredited by UK Government. Find out how Paradox can help support your kiosk transformation by leveraging advances in security and cloud technologies to deliver easy to use, easy to manage, highly robust kiosk platforms. With UK-based software engineers, we work with your suppliers of choice to integrate secure cloud-hosted kiosk management platforms. Find out why thousands of government and corporate customers rely on Becrypt. 0845 838 2080 [email protected]