Kiosk Solutions Aug-Sept 2018 | Page 3

contents 10 22 26 NEWS THE SMART COMBINATION 30 6 10 11 reasons why EV charging and digital advertising is smart business for shopping centres and parking operators CASH IS KING 14 To maintain a competitive advantage in an evolving market, managing cash remains essential to success SUCCESS, COME RAIN OR SHINE 16 Outdoor kiosks can open the door to a better customer experience and increased efficiency RESTAURANT & BAR TECH LIVE 20 Europe’s leading event for emerging technologies and services for the restaurant and bar industries AN ITERATIVE APPROACH TO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 22 35 SMARTER PAYMENTS 26 The uptake of new technologies are ultimately driven by consumer adoption, and PIN on Glass is the next step in payment technology KIOSK SERVICE SOLUTIONS 30 Accelerating time to results with Integration Service and Solutions from Pitney Bowes THE PERSONAL APPROACH 32 How facial recognition technology in kiosks could be the future for the leisure and hospitality industries CONTINUOUS CONNECTIVITY 36 The need to provide accurate, impactful and relevant information is a game changer HARD KNOCK LIFE 40 Interactive kiosks benefit from optical bonding to overcome application limitations in commercial environments As an industry, how can we significantly improve the way all customers experience kiosks? KIOSK solutions 3