Kiosk Solutions Apr-May 2017 | Page 33

restaurant kiosks No restaurant too big no café too small Technology isn’t just for large corporations – tablet kiosks work in both independent coffee shops and international fast food chains By Adrian Thompson, CEO, imageHOLDERS – Technology has revolutionised how we choose where to stay and what to buy, so it’s only natural for people to expect technology to aid them in their dining experiences. The hospitality industry is utilising technology to improve services such as concierge desks, entertainment hubs, express checkouts and POS terminals. Right now there’s a technology revolution within the restaurant industry, and with the rise in tablet technology small companies are also able to take full advantage. Technology for fast food Many industries are seeing technology greatly impact their traditional structure, and none more so than the hospitality and restaurant industry. From McDonald’s to Panera Bread, fast food restaurants are recognising the potential that tablet kiosks provide, and are starting to reap the benefits. A recent study by the University of Oxford revealed that there's a 92% chance that the entire quick service restaurant process will become completely automated by 2030, enabling staff to focus on customer service. By combining in-house services with a digital experience, restaurants can save up to five minutes per meal, and can see orders being increased by 30%. Food kiosks also encourage upselling by providing a constant temptation with stunning visuals on digital menus displayed on tabletop tablets. By streamlining production and payment processes, restaurants can increase customer satisfaction and ultimately, increase business revenue. Fast food and great service McDonald’s has combined self-service kiosks with table service, blurring the divide between good service and quick service. Customers can order from a self-service kiosk, which is integrated with a chip and pin device, contactless reader and printer. Customers can then choose a zone, and have their food delivered to them while they use entertainment hubs equipped with the latest Samsung tablets to browse online content or entertain the kids. When it's time to decide if the kids have been well behaved enough to get a McFlurry, the often off putting thought of rejoining the queue is removed, as ordering from the self-service kiosk is easy and extras are quickly delivered to your table hassle free. By moving towards self-service payment and ordering systems, McDonald’s has established table service, providing better customer service without the need to increase costs with extra staff. McDonald’s may have a vast budget and departments focused on research KIOSK solutions 33