Kingsgate Park Sports Centre KP Brochure - Page 9

K I NG S G AT E PA R K A Centre of Sporting Excellence Arranged over three interconnected ‘pavilions’, Winchester College’s state-of-the-art new Sports Centre will comprise: 1. Main entrance 2. Administration and support 3. Cafe “On Saturday, December 11th, Mr. Rudyard Kipling ... gave a stirring address ... “I have been honoured by a request that I should help to dedicate this rifle range to the memory of an old Wykehamist – George Cecil, Ensign of Grenadiers, killed in action....” After ... the party ... proceeded to the range ... [where] Mr. Kipling fired the first shot and scored a bull’s eye.” T H E W Y K E H A M I S T, N O . 5 4 8 4. Sports hall viewing, looking down to sports hall in Lower Ground Floor 5. Cecil Range 6. Squash viewing, looking down to squash courts in Lower Ground Floor 7. Cardio-vascular and weights training 8. Sports hall viewing (informal), looking down to sports hall in Lower Ground Floor 9. Wet changing 10. Swimming pool 11. Swimming pool viewing Top Floor (not illustrated), above Squash courts: six fives courts, dojo and studio, in addition to the sports classroom, staff room and external terrace. ~ 8 ~