Kingsgate Park Sports Centre KP Brochure - Page 16

K I NG S G AT E PA R K 7 LANE RIFLE RANGE The original Cecil Rifle Range was opened in December 1915 in memory of George Edward Cecil (B, 1909-12), 2nd Lieutenant, No. 4 Company, 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, who was killed in action on September 1914. When the construction of War Cloister began in 1922, the Cecil Range was moved to its current location near the PE Centre. It will be moving once again and will now become an integral part of the new development. The new Cecil Range comprises seven firing lanes, an increase from the previous six-lane range, for use at a distance of 25 metres and is designed for prone position 0.22 calibre rifles. It will also include an associated briefing zone behind the firing positions and a separate secure armoury. It complies with the latest guidance on this standard of firing range. CHANGING FACILITIES Although we have done our best to improve the limited changing facilities in recent years, they remain far from adequate. When we host other schools, for example, our boys end up changing in a cellar. Far from ideal! The new Sports Centre will have more than twice the number of changing rooms, some with external as well as internal access for visiting teams, and cater for accessibility requirements. VIEWING GALLERIES Our boys excel at a number of minor sports, but there is currently very little opportunity for parents or teammates to share in or celebrate this success when instead you are restricted to watching tennis through a fence, martial arts through a doorway and basketball from the sidelines, with your knees tucked tightly in. Improved viewing galleries will make it possible for family and friends to lend their support in the Sports Centre, just as they do on Winchester’s splendid cricket and football pitches. In addition, the new Sports Centre will provide a class exercise studio primarily for community use, together with a sports classroom for teaching PE and for school and community courses such as First Aid. Community use is an important aspect of the new Sports Centre, not least because it will help to support staffing and resources, delivering the best possible experience for all those who use the facilities. ~ 15 ~ RACKETS If you are concerned that the great Win Coll institution of rackets has been overlooked, please don’t be. Like a fine wine, racket courts improve with age so these will be staying exactly where they are, untouched. “The primary objective remains to make sure that any Wykehamist who wants to follow a sport of his choice can do so to the highest possible standard.” SAM HART Housemaster Toye’s, former Head of Sport