Kingsgate Park Sports Centre KP Brochure - Page 15

K I NG S G AT E PA R K “Gone are the days of simple net practices: training consisting of dynamic batting and fielding drills are now the norm in the sports hall on a winter evening.” PAU L GOV E R Assistant Head of Sport, Cricket Professional A huge step forward for the School, the new Sports Centre will bring most of the sports facilities together under one roof and provide: 6-LANE 25M SWIMMING POOL Although the current swimming pool was obviously a major improvement on Gunner’s Hole, it is now old, inefficient and takes a lot of man hours to keep fit for purpose. The replacement 25m 6-lane swimming pool will include tiered spectator seating for 150 people, which meets ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) and Sports England recommendations for community swimming pools. 8-COURT SPORTS HALL Currently, if there is a basketball match being played in the sports hall, no one else can use it. By doubling the capacity from a 4-court to an 8-court sports hall, we will be able to have two or more sports going on at the same time. As well as complying with Sport England recommendations, which our existing sports hall doesn’t, this would also mean that the scoring table would no longer encroach on the court, creating something of a hazard during fast-paced basketball games. DOJO Despite having a very successful and well- attended martial arts programme, the current dojo – used for judo, karate and aikido – is the wrong size and shape for grading events and competitions. The proposed 12 x 12 metre dojo will provide more space for boys to spar and enable Win Coll to host major martial arts tournaments, where our boys have recently excelled. CARDIO-VASCULAR AND WEIGHTS TRAINING STUDIO The gym, which plays a crucial role in developing the major sports through Win Coll’s ever expanding off-season training programmes and strength and conditioning work, is simply too small to cope with demand. Ask any of the 100 or so boys who try to use it on a Tuesday afternoon and they will tell you that, whilst the gym equipment is fantastic, you need to queue and step over people to use it. ~ 14 ~ A larger gym will alleviate this pressure and enable boys to train effectively, reducing the risk of injury, improving recovery times and enhancing their overall performance in a variety of the major and minor sports. 6 SQUASH COURTS The School’s four existing squash courts are in such high demand that boys typically end up playing doubles on a single court just so that they can get a game. We will therefore be increasing the number of squash courts to six, with first floor viewing and a coaching area. 6 FIVES COURTS Our four Winchester fives courts are currently located in the centre of campus, remote from the rest of the PEC. As well as moving these into the Sports Centre, which will provide a safer and more secure environment for the boys, we will be adding two new rugby fives courts, reflecting the popularity of this minor sport.