Kingsgate Park Sports Centre KP Brochure - Page 11

K I NG S G AT E PA R K A new Sports Centre Built in the 1960s during Sir Desmond Lee’s term as Headmaster, the current PEC, though dated now, represented a huge advance at the time. Boys were treated to a heated swimming pool, as well as a sports hall, dojo, fitness room and changing facilities. An adjacent building meanwhile housed the squash courts and a rifle range. Now bursting at the seams, quite literally in the case of the padding on the dojo walls, the existing PEC is to be replaced by a modern, purpose-built Sports Centre. More than twice the size of the original, this will meet the needs of the School’s diverse sporting programme for generations to come. “At Winchester, we want every boy to achieve his full potential in every field. These impressive new facilities will ensure that all involved in sport, whether in the top teams or just playing for fun, can do just that.” S I R R I C H A R D S TA G G (G, 1969-73; Warden 2019-) The top fl oor houses the fi ves courts, dojo , and studios, in addition to the sports classroom staffroom and an external terrace. ~ 10 ~