Kingsgate Park Sports Centre Cecil Rifle Range

The Cecil Rifle Range Winchester College – Military Excellence Old Wykehamists have served Queen and Country for centuries, from John Colborne, Field Marshall Lord Seaton, who played a vital role in the Battle of Waterloo, to the many OWs who fought in the World Wars. In 1860, Winchester College Rifle Volunteer Corps was started and today the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) plays a prominent role in the life of the school. The Cecil Rifle Range George Edward Cecil (B, 1909-12), 2nd Lieutenant, No. 4 Company, 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, was killed in action on 1 September 1914. He fell leading his platoon to the charge, with his sword in his hand. The Cecil Rifle Range was erected in his memory by his mother, Lady Edward, and was opened in December 1915 with the address given by Rudyard Kipling. “On Saturday, December 11th, Mr. Rudyard Kipling fired the opening shot in the new miniature range. The school first assembled in uniform in School; after the National Anthem had been sung, the Warden spoke a few words of introduction. Lady Edward made a short speech. … Mr Rudyard then gave a stirring address. ‘I have been honoured by a request that I should help to dedicate this rifle range to the memory of an Old Wykehamist – George Cecil, Ensign of Grenadiers, killed in action.’ After … the party … proceeded to the range where Mr Kipling fired the first shot and scored a bull’s eye.” – The Wykehamist (548, December 1915). When the construction of War Cloister began in 1922, the Cecil Range was moved to its current location near the PE Centre. As we develop sporting facilities suitable for generations of sporting Wykehamists, it will move once more. G EO RG E E DWA R D C EC I L (B, 1909-12) 2nd Lieutenant, No. 4 Company, 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards. “It is well to die for one’s country. But that is not enough. It is also necessary that, so long as he lives, a man should give to his country, as George Cecil gave, a mind and soul neither ignorant nor inadequate.” Rudyard Kipling, December 1915, at the opening of the Cecil Range. Cecil (centre) at Winchester College