Kindi's Journey Kindi's Journey: Week 14 - Page 10

CONSERVATION Save gorillas — E-Cycle ecocell E-cycling for your cause Many of us have one or more old handheld electronics and cell phones stuck in drawers or closets just waiting for a place to go. The Louisville Zoo works with Eco-Cell, a local company, to recycle your cellphones and other handheld electronics. By recycling your phone, you reduce the need for coltan, the metal used in smartphone circuit boards. Coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo has caused a 90 percent reduction in gorilla populations within the last five years. In exchange for items collected at the Zoo, EcoCell donates funds to the Zoo. You can donate your items in the special containers on the Zoo’s Main Plaza. Items we can accept include cell phones, smart phones, accessories, iPods, iPads, tablets and mp3 players. See final page for link to learn more about Eco-Cell. Kindi’s Journey brought to you by