Kimley-Horn Digital Public Involvement Toolbox | Page 2


The current COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant disruption to how planning and design projects are conducted for the foreseeable future .
Traditional public involvement techniques ( public meetings , community events , focus groups , etc .) are not feasible at this time . However , that does not mean that an effective public involvement effort cannot be carried out and , in fact , offers the opportunity to leverage innovative means to reach your community .
If public involvement during this time can contribute to keeping a project on track and support project success , the next step is to determine the tools and techniques best suited for your involvement objective .
It is vital to note that when it comes to public involvement , there is no silver bullet — the appropriate tool , resources , and methodology will need to be tailored to your specific project . There is a vast world of options that can be employed now , and Kimley-Horn has vetted numerous digital tools and platforms and deployed them on projects across the country . To aid you in the decision-making process , we ' ve compiled a matrix of our most relied on solutions , included on the following pages .