Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 3 | Page 8

Thursday 14 th Development of CLIL activities and resources On 14th July Vanessa Esteves and Mariana Lampreia led a workshop on «CLIL an effective and Motivating way of teaching and Learning English». CLIL is an educational approach that means Content Language Integrated Learning. During this workshop several questions were answered such as what CLIL is, what skills children develop through CLIL. Some CLIL activities were also shown which mainly focused on the theme “The brain”. In this approach Content has the main role while language is only a way. Content (what I am learning), Cognition (how I am learning), Culture (what I am learning about the world around me) and Communication (what language I am using and learning) are the 4c’s developed through this approach. In the end of the workshop Vanessa and Mariana exemplified some activities through which one is able to introduce a theme. It was shown a torso, some questions were asked, and several games were played. Through these activities it was shown the importance of developing thinking, collaboration, communication and creative skills. 8