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Ponte de Sor Classroom B Here is an example of an activity, where all the Kiitos project teachers are working collaboratively with the preschool children group. This activity was repeated regularly throughout the school year, where the children sang in Portuguese and English and worked the musical and linguistic competences required. Ponte de Sor Classroom C During the school year in Room C we had done several activities such as playing games, singing songs, painting activities, outdoor activities, putting puzzles together, colouring and dancing activities, telling stories and dramatizing activities. In photo 1 children were asked to divide themselves in groups and put puzzles together. There were several groups and all children were asked to make all the puzzles. Through this activity children were able to improve physical skills like holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit; cognitive skills as they solved the problems of a puzzle; and emotional skills where they learnt how to be patient and work together. In photo 2 children were asked to paint something related to the theme Spring. They all chose to paint a flower. They selected the colours and started painting. 3 3