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PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Ponte de Sor Classroom A This activity started as a classroom project for Ponte de Sor, classroom A. Children chose to listen to the story “The very hungry caterpillar” and then explore it. The aim was to present it to children’s families. Then, in the third moment we started preparing the dramatization of the story. Children chose the characters they wanted to play and memorized the sequence and a simple text. On the presentation day, the preschool teacher read the story and children said the text from the story (the days of the week, the number, the food and the structure “but he was still hungry”). In a first moment the story was read and explored in Portuguese and in English. In a second moment we sang songs with the music teacher, “a borboleta”, “a lagarta”, and “Gosto de Flores/I like the flowers”. The presentation ended with a dance about the story. 2