Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 1 | Page 7

21 st Century Learning Awareness Simultaneously to the kick of meeting, the first workshop was held at CAC (Art and Culture Centre) in Ponte de Sor. Vanessa Esteves and Neil Mason, from APPI, developed this workshop for all Pre- school, English and Music teachers to promote 21 st Century Learning Awareness and reflected on the needs/priorities in Training as highlighted by the Pedagogical Team and the methodology to develop project materials/resources. The main topics and conclusions that emerged from the meeting were: training (duration and topics), support required, methodology to develop project resources and pedagogical materials (beginning with the mascot). Using 4 C's in Kiitos Mascot Cre- ative Process 21st Century Skills: so much more than just the 3R’s On the 19th February 2016 Kiitos Mascot Creative Process started. This mo- ment was led by Vanessa Esteves an APPI teacher trainer. The group of Pre- school, English and Music teachers got together to this training event. The aim was to make an approach to 21st century skills. 7