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Above : Just a few reasons to run with Team JDRF : Anna Mo , Drew , Meg , Stevie Kate , and Russ
Below : Running Cindy had a ball !

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Confetti Gift & Party is expanding …. Their new location will be double the size which means double the fun !
Shown left to right : Kacie Obradovich Rachel Scarvey Ashton Libel Liz Obradovich Carly Pugh
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Don ’ t you just love the excitement that comes with the beginning of Summer ? The slower schedule , family vacations , scents of sunscreen , chlorine and sandy toes … I can just smell them now ! If you are still looking for summer activities for your children and missed our March / April Summer Camp issue , you can find tons of information on programs right here in our community to fit every interest online at www . KidsLifeMagazine . com .
As moms , I think we often put taking care of ourselves at the bottom of the priority list . Caring for your family while juggling your work and everyone ’ s schedules can be utterly exhausting leaving very little time or energy for exercise and taking care of ourselves - despite knowing how important it is for our mental and physical health . I have never been a high energy , active person ( I sure wish I were ) but around 15 years ago , I went through a pretty intensely stressful time when I stepped into the role of caregiver to my dad during his declining years . During that time , while 6 months pregnant with my 3rd baby , my 6-year old son , Drew , was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes . That diagnosis rocked our family ’ s world . Within a few months , I found myself barely in survival mode as I juggled the roles of wife , mom to three little boys ( including a newborn ), caregiver to my dad , as well as pancreas to my 6-year old around the clock 24 / 7 . It was a truly impossible situation at times that forced me to focus only on what was absolutely necessary to make it through the day with everyone alive . My sleep was one of the many casualties for several years from the grueling routine of being on active duty monitoring and treating blood sugars multiple times per night ( in addition to days ). I am so grateful for the miraculous technological advancements that have become available in recent years that have made living with T1D a little easier though we still need a cure !
Over the last few months I ’ ve shared a bit with you about a personal journey I ’ ve been on while learning to run . Maybe sharing my experience will encourage someone like me who struggles with making their health a priority to know you are not alone , and it ’ s never too late to start ! Now I love a good challenge , but have always despised running . Last October I decided to marry those two by joining Team JDRF ( Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ) for my first 5K at Disney ’ s Princess Half-Marathon Weekend this past February . While a 5K seemed like a big enough goal for a brand new 48-year old runner , I found that seeing friends and family sponsoring the effort by donating funds to JDRF in support of research for a cure for T1D put unexpected fuel in my tank . Having a purpose that was close to my heart as well as a goal to look forward to actually made training fun . So much fun that a few weeks before my race , I secretly signed up for the half marathon the same weekend without telling my family . Part of me just wanted to see if I could survive it and tell them afterward although the anticipation was bursting out of me and I ended up telling them 2 days before I left ( you should have seen their faces ). And you know what ? Not only did I survive but I finished having run about a third and fast-walking the rest . I can ’ t remember the last time I felt such an immediate sense of accomplishment and never have I smiled so much while sweating ! It was an experience I cannot wait to repeat . My family was so supportive and proud of me mostly because they loved seeing me accomplish a goal they ’ d watched me work for knowing it was a healthy one . The part I loved most was that our fabulous friends and family ’ s donations to JDRF more than doubled my fundraising goal . What I ’ ve learned through this experience is that I ’ m no different than my children . I wish I were motivated to exercise just because it ’ s good for me but apparently , I need a purpose and a carrot dangling in front of me and I ’ m okay with that . In fact , so okay that I have committed to 9 more races over the next year to keep me going . If you are like me and the desire to exercise or get moving in a healthy direction isn ’ t something that comes naturally , my advice is to find your purpose and find your carrot . Trust me , if I can do what I did , you can do something big too !
Happy Mother ’ s Day ! xoxo ,