Kids Life Tuscaloosa May/June 2021 - Page 22

Could a “ Hybrid High School ” fit your teen ’ s needs ?

Capitol School ’ s high school curriculum can be tailored to fit your child ’ s talents and to provide the time needed for practice and instruction in the field of his or her passion . The Capitol High School might be the best fit for your family if your child is … a competitive swimmer an elite gymnast a dancer an equestrian a student of any of the martial arts a member of a traveling sports team an artist / painter who needs long periods for studio work an apprentice in a craft or technical field

In the upper school at Capitol , our core classes of math , science , history , and English are taught in the morning , allowing flexibility for afternoon classes and opportunities off-campus .
We offer foreign language , PE , and elective courses at the school , and students are encouraged to take college courses for dual credit and to pursue internships or work experiences in fields of personal interest .
The upper school at Capitol offers both in-person and remote learning options for all core subjects . We will work with you to build a schedule that fits your child › s needs .

The Capitol School is an opportunity , a first big step in a successful career and life for your child . At Capitol , students thrive , finding their own capacity for excellence in a caring , individual-focused learning environment . Parents have found our curriculum innovative and our faculty responsive to the needs of their children . We want what you want -- to see your child grow into a confident and purposeful , engaged and insightful , ambitious and generous adult . For more information , email contact @ thecapitolschool . com may / june 2021

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