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Three Reasons You Should Finally Start That Business You ’ ve Been Dreaming Of

By Christy Wright

My mom is the most amazing woman on the planet . When she was 34 years old , she suddenly had a baby to raise on her own ( me ). With only $ 64 , she needed a job . So , she got scrappy and decided to use her baking skills to earn money .

She started out by renting a small showcase window at a candy store in downtown Nashville . She woke up at crazy hours and worked long nights . She hustled , pushed through fear and overcame it .
Now , over three decades later , my mom is still baking . Her beautiful and delicious creations have been part of thousands of birthdays , weddings and anniversaries — some of the best moments in her customers ’ lives .
But of all the lives my mom has influenced , her greatest impact has been on me . Because I grew up watching my mom and working alongside her , I developed a passion for helping women make money doing what they love .
So , I have a question for you : What do you love to do ? Is there a dream in your heart you ’ ve been dying to chase ? Do you want to use your skills and passion to make money so you can do the things that matter most to you ?
Small Business Week is coming up from May 2 to May 8 , and I want to take this opportunity to share three reasons why you should finally give yourself permission to go for your dream . It ’ s easier than ever to start a business Twenty years ago , starting a business meant investors , capital , a brick-and-mortar location and a landline . But the internet has transformed what we thought was possible . Today , you can turn your ideas into a business with just a laptop ( or a phone ) and the determination to learn . The barrier to entry is low — you ’ ve just got to decide if you want to put in the work . There ’ s no such thing as ready You ’ re never completely ready for the big things in life . At some point , you ’ ve got to do it scared . I can guarantee my mom was scared the first time she put her cakes in that storefront window ! But like anything else , you learn best when you ’ re on the job . Sure , you need to have a plan for your business , but at some point , you ’ ve got to take action . Quick wins build confidence . And confidence leads to momentum , which will keep you moving forward .
What simple action can you take today to get you where you want to be next year ? Just like my mom ’ s cake shop , the impressive things in life always start as unimpressive things . You get to define your version of success Sadly , too many of us spend our lives chasing other people ’ s versions of success . But your business — just like your life — should exist to meet your needs . If you want to freelance and earn $ 5,000 a year so you can take your kids to Disney , that ’ s success . If you want to scale a business like crazy and earn millions , that ’ s great too . The important thing is to define what success looks like for you and build your business around those goals .
Ultimately , my hope for you is that you have the confidence to follow your dreams , no matter what they look like . If you ’ re looking for more practical tips on how to live the life you want , check out this episode of my show !

Christy Wright is a # 1 national best-selling author , personal development expert , and host of The Christy Wright Show . She ’ s been featured on Today Show and Fox News , and in Entrepreneur and Woman ’ s Day Magazines . Since 2009 , Christy has served at Ramsey Solutions , where she teaches on personal development , business , and faith . Follow Christy on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , and YouTube or online at christywright . com . kids life

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