Kids Life Tuscaloosa May/June 2021 - Page 15

Not all kids will find a book they love easily . The goal is to practice reading , it doesn ’ t matter if it is a book or something more creative . Find other things besides just books to read such as graphic novels , magazines , or even audiobooks . You can even get kids into the kitchen and read recipes in the cookbook . They will enjoy helping prepare meals and not even notice they are practicing their reading skills at the same time .
Find out what your child is interested in and check out books on that topic . My son became curious about volcanoes so we headed to the library and checked out multiple books on volcanoes . When we returned home he promptly started reading about them and writing down interesting facts in his journal . You can also encourage your child to try different genres to see what they prefer . Nonfiction , historical fiction , mysteries , graphic novels , or classic literature - once kids find their niche , they will most likely be more excited about reading .
Kids who make reading a part of their daily routine are more likely to become lifetime lovers of reading . Set aside part of the day each day when your child can read for 30
minutes or set this as a goal before they can play video games , meet up with friends , or go to the pool . Try to make it fun and come up with creative ways to incorporate reading into your daily schedule . Just a bit of daily reading will help them maintain their current reading levels and be ready to take on new material once school begins .

Sarah Lyons is a mother of six children , including six year old triplets . Her favorite pastime is reading and she loves to pass along and share that with her children . www . kidslifemagazine . com