Kiddie Academy's 2016 Educational Gift Guide Part I Educational Gift Guide Part II - Page 8

Older children, some of whom are either ready for kindergarten or already enrolled in school, are able to safely and confidently experience so many new things. For example, learning and understanding insect life and nature, or . WANT grasping a new science concept like the stomp rocket, or helping out in the 2. NEED kitchen with a new recipe to make for the family! Older children will also have 3. WEAR an appreciation for a space that's just theirs, like the hanging seat chair we picked out for kids to cozy up in with a 4. READ 6-7 years old good book. We also wanted to share the Baltimore-born HoloTats - temporary tattoos that come to life. Your kids are going to love them! - Kiddie Academy Department of Education WANT: Hanging Seat Chair for Kids, $79.99, NEED: Gro Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock, $49.99, READ: WEAR: The Case of the HoloTats, $6.00 Weird Blue for six HoloTats, Chicken, $9.44,