Kiddie Academy's 2016 Educational Gift Guide Part I Educational Gift Guide Part II - Page 4

We had a lot of fun picking out gifts for the 1-3-year-old set because we know they'll show so much gratitude for a gift from any category, not just when they receive something they "want." . WANT Little ones this age are starting to learn how to walk, how to save money, and 2. NEED how to do simple health and wellness activities like potty train, bathe and brush 3. WEAR their teeth. These gifts will offer a lot of fun for them when doing those daily acts with their siblings or with mom and dad. 4. READ 2-3 years old We also selected two "want" gifts that allow for hours of pretend play for young children, which we know at Kiddie Academy, is how they learn best! - Kiddie Academy Department of Education WANT: Metal Shopping Cart, $69.99, melissaanddoug .com WEAR: NEED: Royal Elephant Bank, $39.00, potterybarnkids. com READ: Training Pants for Dragons Love Toddlers in Tacos, $10.79, Airplane print, 26 count for $12.95,