Kiddie Academy's 2016 Educational Gift Guide Part I Educational Gift Guide Part II

The Four-Gift Rule FOR ALL AGES Use this simple rule to only buy or gift your children For those who celebrate the eight nights of no more than four things for the holiday under the Hannukkah, spread the four gifts throughout your following categories: something they want, celebration schedule while playing games or something they need, something to wear, something having a family party on other nights. The Four Gift to read (and, hey, it rhymes, too!). Rule doesn’t have to be just for families on a budget this holiday season, it can also be a So, whether you’re on a budget this year or just different way to approach gift-giving without trying to teach a little gratitude as you encourage giving too much and losing sight of the holiday your children to cherish the gifts they’re given, the season joy. Here, we outline the four gift rule for "four gift” rule might be something to consider. We all ages with a few suggestions from the Kiddie didn't come up with the idea. In fact, the "four gift" Academy Department of Education. rule concept has been circulating the internet for years. But we do try to offer a fresh take with gifts in each category that align with Kiddie Academy's Life Essentials pillars to support imaginative and pretend play; encourage health and wellness; learn technology; and inspire kids to meet their full potential all season long!