Kiawah Island Digest November Digest 2018

The Official Publication of the Kiawah Island Community Association November 2018 D I G E S T ASSOCIATION FINANCE E Understanding How the KICA Budget Process Works very November, the Kiawah Island Community property, such as roads, leisure trails, and boardwalks. Association releases its budget for the following General Maintenance includes a mechanic’s shop, year. The budget is the result of months of work, which services vehicles and tools. with each department adding both routine items and • Major Repairs and Replacement (MR&R) anticipated needs. This includes any significant capital MR&R staff includes civil engineers who plan and requirement which impacts the association reserves. manage the repair or replacement of roads, bridges, The tentative budget is reviewed by KICA’s member- drainage systems and other island infrastructure. comprised Finance Committee, and put before the board of directors for approval at the November meeting. Generally, these responsibilities begin at the bridge over the Kiawah River (with exceptions). Therefore, Cassique What we do: KICA has five basic operational focus is not part of KICA but Mingo Point and everything points, and provides the administrative support for these beyond is. functions: How KICA Budgets: • Security and Livability Security controls Main gate and V-gate access, KICA operates with two separate budgets: conducts island patrols and oversees commercial • Our “Operating Budget” covers administration, access. Livability manages covenant enforcement and security and livability, land and lakes maintenance, contractor oversight. recreation and amenity operations, and general • Land and Lakes Maintenance maintenance. Land Management handles all landscaping and • Our “Reserve Budget” covers major repairs and maintenance on KICA common property. The Lakes replacements. team handles water quality management, wildlife management, as well as mosquito abatement. Principally, the operating budget covers expenditures that • Recreation and Amenities are routine and predictable. Our reserve budget covers Recreation operations include member events, as expenditures for more durable infrastructure focusing on well as the operation of The Sandcastle, Rhett’s Bluff, major repairs or replacement projects. Cinder Creek and Eagle Point. • General Maintenance This department does minor repairs to common Continued on page 6.