Kiawah Island Digest June 2020 - Page 9

SPECIAL PLACES ON THE WATER After many years exploring the island and beyond, Captain Lapp and his crew know how to showcase the island’s beauty. Here are some suggestions for trips for families and adventure lovers alike: CINDER AND BASS CREEKS Kayak through Cinder and Bass Creek where it is calm and peaceful and you never know what you will see - dolphins, wading birds, eagles, ospreys. Captain Lapp calls it a nature walk on the water. BIRD KEY There is a wildlife sanctuary called Bird Key that you can get close to by water. True to the name, there are an amazing number and variety of birds that nest there. SUNSET ON THE RIVER Watching the sun set over the Kiawah River is also a favorite. “Since all of our boat tours are private, our customers can bring food and beverages with them - this is the perfect opportunity for a glass of wine as the sun goes down.” MORRIS ISLAND If members are interested in a longer trip, Captain Lapp suggests going to Morris Island by Folly Beach. “The ride over is through rivers and creeks they wouldn’t see otherwise and the island itself is really cool - you can see the old lighthouse, hunt for shells and shark’s teeth, take a picnic, get some sun and learn about an important battle of the Civil War that took place there.” Captain Lapp notes that boat tours allow members and guides to travel further and explore the local rivers as well. Families enjoy tubing and family fishing tours, where members throw the cast net, do a little fishing and dolphin watching. Asked about his favorite tour memory, he says “I think the most memorable thing I have seen is strand feeding. This dolphin behavior is amazing to see and happens only in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I have seen it so many times but I never get tired of it!” With COVID-19 a concern, Tidal Trails is taking precautions to protect their guests, including: • Sanitizing equipment with disinfectant spray between each trip. • Guides wearing masks and not having physical contact with guests • Providing hand sanitizer guests on trips. As always, all Department of Natural Resources regulations will be followed. Check out the Tidal Trails website at to plan your own special trip, whether you want to relax, explore or have an island adventure. Digest Contributors Virginia Chapel - Member Volunteer Bill Hindman - Member Volunteer Shauneen Hutchinson - Member Volunteer Sue Schaffer - Feature reporter Deb Stewart - Member Volunteer Staff Production Team Leah Burris - Communications and Brand Manager Emily Jenkins - Communications/editor Digest Mission Statement Kiawah Island Digest is an official communications tool of the Kiawah Island Community Association. Its mission is to accurately and effectively communicate information to the membership in a balanced and constructive manner. Statement of Editorial Policy KICA will endeavor to report significant island news as well as informational topics, programs and events of interest to its members. KICA may from time to time publish editorials in support of its strategic objectives. Member suggestions on content should be submitted by email to commu[email protected] KIAWAH ISLAND DIGEST | 9