Kiawah Island Digest June 2020 - Page 5

Don’t wait to start your preparations for Atlantic hurricane season. The more prepared you are, the safer you and your family will be. The tips below will help you get started. PREPARE FOR THE SEASON Sign up for communications - The Town of Kiawah Island leads emergency communications for the island. To sign up for Town of Kiawah Island emails or weather alerts through CodeRed, visit www. KICA also shares important town updates with association members. Make sure your contact information is up to date. If you’ve recently changed your email address or phone number, email your updated information to [email protected] Make a plan. This is a good time to solidify what you and your family will do in the event of a storm. Make plans for things like how you will evacuate and where you will go. Consider the care of any pets as well. Due to COVID-19, hurricane shelters may not be ideal for those in an older demographic or those with pre-existing conditions. Please consider making alternate arrangements if you fall in these categories. Two websites to help with your hurricane plan are the South Carolina Emergency Management Division ( and the National Weather Service ( hurricane). This is a good time to check shutters and generators to see if repairs or service are needed. Check insurance policies to make sure they are active and verify your coverages. IN THE EVENT OF A STORM Stay informed. Visit trusted news sources, such as the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center, for information. Check your email inbox for information from the town and KICA. Know your evacuation zone. Kiawah is in Zone A. If an evacuation is issued, the state will use these zones to evacuate the areas most likely to see landfall first. Learn more about evacuation routes and zones at If an evacuation order is issued, immediate action is required. Have your shutters closed or your home boarded up. Due to the high winds that tropical systems can bring, it’s best to remove anything that may be blown onto another property. Job sites will need to be secured. Please keep in mind that during an evacuation, the state reverses lanes on state highways to get people away from the coast as efficiently as possible. AFTER A STORM Wait until the governor lifts the evacuation order and the mayor provides a date and time for Kiawah Island to open to member access. Prior to that time, anyone attempting to access the island will be stopped by sheriff’s deputies. The town leads a damage assessment of the island after a storm. KICA will attempt to notify members whose property has sustained damage. However, damage can be difficult to ascertain from a distance. Please have a property manager, friend or neighbor look at your property to confirm you have no damage if you are unable to return to the island. KIAWAH ISLAND DIGEST | 5