Kiawah Island Digest June 2018 - Page 4

4 May 2017 June 2018 5 KICA Core Functions (Continued From Previous Page) All in a Day’s Work Unexpected wildlife encounters are another part of the job. “Once we had a diver inspecting pipes,” Connor explains. “Instead of going in forward, he preferred to back into the pipe. He quickly realized something was moving under him. About the same time he realized his chin was resting on an alligator’s snout, the sound guy in the dive trailer heard a series of expletives. The diver flew out of the pipe in one direction, the gator right behind him going the other way. These days, KICA relies more on cameras than divers to inspect pipes.” KICA functions much like a municipality, in part due to the infrastructure it owns and maintains. It’s clear that having professional engineers on staff, looking at challenges, seeking solutions in dealing with aging infrastructure, and identifying new technologies for repair, has been a tremendous benefit to KICA, both in quality and in costs. Their skills are supplemented by engaged property owners. Connor says, “With the tremendous amount of infrastructure we have, and the 40-year old submerged drainage system, property owners are our eyes and ears across the island. They bring matters to our attention that are often helpful in isolating blockages and other conditions we might otherwise be unaware of. We welcome questions and are happy to provide complimentary consultations.” To report infrastructure issues, contact and provide as much detail as possible. Of his team, Connor says, “I feel very fortunate to have the team I have. They are all good at what they do, and I can depend on them to show up every day, ready to go. They’ve been under a lot of pressure the past three years with storm events, and have handled the pressure with professionalism, teamwork and good cheer. I’m proud to work with each of them.” These three core departments – Security, Land and Lakes Management, and Major Repairs – share a common theme. They support each other in many aspects, just as they do with Recreation and Administration. KICA is extraordinarily fortunate in having a team of skilled, consensus-building professionals overseeing its unique and comprehensive operations. Your opinion is important in helping shape the future of Kiawah. Please take a moment to answer a few questions about Major Repairs and Maintenance at Help Build the Board on the KICA Nominating Committee The nominating committee will have two main tasks: KICA is looking for a small group of members to help build and maintain a board that has the talent, skill and diversity to provide effective governance for the community. Seating the Nominating Committee is the first step in preparations to replace two board directors when their terms end in March 2019. Committee work for the 2019 election will begin with the appointment of the committee at the Board of Directors meeting on July 2, 2018. Times and dates of meetings will be determined once the committee is established. September and October are anticipated to be the most active months. The deadline to volunteer for the Nominating Committee is Monday, June 25. • Identify, Solicit and Interview Candidates - The committee will work to identify qualified candidates who will consider running for the board. If unique skills (e.g. finance, legal, engineering, etc.) or if a segment such as full-time residents or club members are under (or over) represented, the committee will seek candidates with these skills and characteristics. In meeting with potential candidates, the committee will explore their skills, experiences and qualifications. It will also develop a sense of candidate’s interpersonal skills and ability to work in the board setting. • Recommend Candidates - It is important to have a board whose overall makeup provides necessary skills and experiences and with varied perspectives to provide KICA with highly-functioning governance. The committee will provide its recommendation for candidates it considers the best potential members. Potentially, more candidates will run than there are seats available. In that case, the committee may provide recommendations for all or only some of the candidates. To read more about the Nominating Committee and its work or to find out how you can become a member, visit