Kiawah Island Digest February 2020 - Page 5

CONSERVATION MATTERS - SHOREBIRDS THURSDAY, FEB. 27 | 3 P.M. Shorebirds undertake some of the world’s most incredible migrations, with nonstop flights that can last longer than a week and span continents. Many shorebird populations also happen to be rapidly declining! Learn how shorebirds are able to undertake their incredible migrations, and how these capabilities may make them susceptible to the effects of environmental change. In the process, Nathan Senner will also discuss shorebird migration along the coast of South Carolina and how local conservation activities can have big results. To attend, RSVP at EXPLORING OPERA TUESDAYS | 1:30 P.M. THE SANDCASTLE ART FILM - PAVAROTTI FRIDAY, FEB. 21 | 3-5 P.M. THE SANDCASTLE Take a seat at the Opera! Exploring Opera, the popular sequel to the long-running Opera Lite series, is back! Join other opera enthusiasts at TheSandcastle each Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Each session will include a brief discussion of the history and significance of the work, followed by video highlights of the opera. For each opera, attendees will focus on aspects that can increase enjoyment. RSVP to tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Featuring never- before-seen footage, concert performances and intimate interviews, filmmaker Ron Howard examines the life and career of famed opera All property owners are invited to attend this complimentary event, sponsored by the Town of Kiawah Island’s Arts Council. To attend, RSVP to KIAWAH ISLAND DIGEST | 5