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Dear Clients and Partners !

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SECURITY Licensing and Protecting 10 Industrial Edge Devices
LICENSING TMR : The Solution for 12 Fail-Proof Licensing Setups
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IT security is an executive issue . We are living through a period of global tension . The threats are getting more severe every day , and the question is not whether a company will be affected by a cyberattack , but when and how severe that attack will be .
With our responsibility for our businesses comes a duty to care , to act , to equip our people with the means they need to enforce compliance with standards like NIS2 , ISO 27001 and different EU acts ( cyberresilience , cybersecurity , AI , data , …), and to take the right steps to mitigate the remaining risks . In essence , we must make a make-or-buy decision : Should we buy the expertise we need for all of this , or should we make it by teaming up with external specialists to support , advise , and test us with penetration tests , ISO 27001 , external IT security officers and the like ?
Our products must be secure . Our users , and we ourselves , must be able to configure and run the products securely , keep everything up to date , and ensure fundamental IT security .
As manufacturers , it is our duty to produce secure products : “ Security by default ” means that our products can only be used in a secure configuration . We pay attention to and comply with many standards : there are the Security Assurance Levels in IEC62443 , the Common Criteria and Cybersecurity Assurance Levels ( CAL ), not unlike the ASIL of ISO 26262 , and the MDR and IEC13485 in the medical sphere . With the CodeMeter cryptographic tools at your disposal , we are helping you integrate the necessary security precautions into your own products .
In addition to our security focus , we gladly share with you the latest technologies and tricks of the trade for you to reap the most benefits from our licensing and protection solutions . Read this issue of our KEYnote magazine to learn more about how to calculate the ROI of CodeMeter for different types of users and clients , our fail-proof TMR license server , Kubernetes , industrial edge devices , license binding to i . MX boards with SmartBind , and CmReady , our latest innovation for binding licenses to mass storage media instead of end user devices . Included as well are two special reports : A look at the development processes that need to be in place for truly secure software and a tour of the success story of SIMATIC ’ s WinCC open architecture .
I wish all of you a successful end to the year and am looking forward to seeing you in person at one of the upcoming fairs and expos !
Yours , Oliver Winzenried CEO