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Dear Clients and Partners !

SECURITY Geoblocking - Limiting Access by Geographies 4
PROTECTION Protecting and Monetizing IP in Additive Manufacturing 5
LICENSING Creating and Delivering Cloud Licenses Made Easy 7
LICENSING The Many Opportunities and Few Risks of Software Subscriptions 9
CodeMeter Protection Suite – The Multitool for Software Protection 11
PROTECTION Protecting Standalone MATLAB Applications 13
Cybersecurity remains a hotly debated issue . At Wibu-Systems , we are always working – with due care and attention , but also without undue panic – to make our products and software better and more secure every day . This entails a comprehensive package of product security training on topics like security awareness , including threat modelling , ISO / IEC 27001 , cryptography , and CVEs , or support from our Product Security Board , a dedicated group staffed by a representative from each developer team . Their mission is to explain CERT processes , provide hands-on training , and facilitate secure software development . All new developers receive extensive inhouse training as part of their on-boarding when they first join us .
Our CERT team is tasked with responding to security incidents and analyzing and removing vulnerabilities . The team is also there for our customers , providing them with information and advisories to help them understand possible vulnerabilities and find workarounds until an update is ready to fix the issue .
Our IT Security Club has become the place to meet and mingle with likeminded professionals , spark interesting conversations , and share in the innovation network with other companies , start-ups , and researchers active in the field . If you want to know more about membership opportunities , come and visit us at : www . wibu . com / itsc .
And remember to use CodeMeter and our Protection Suite to protect your know-how and create new license-driven business models to make your software and devices more secure in today ‘ s world ! With CodeMeter , updating software and configuration files becomes as safe and secure as it ought to be , and would-be attackers have a much harder time – at no additional cost for you .
Read this issue of KEYnote to find out how to protect MATLAB applications , create software subscriptions , secure 3D printing data , use the many tools and capabilities of our Protection Suite , create and distribute cloud licenses , or limit licenses by regions .
I always love hearing about your current needs , plans , and wishes for the future . Reach out to me or come and visit us at one of the upcoming trade fairs – there is nothing better than meeting people who care about the same issues that I care about .
Kind regards , Oliver Winzenried CEO
SECURITY Professional Response to Security Incidents 15
HIGHLIGHTS News in Brief 17
INFORMATION Wibu-Systems Training 18