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Dear Clients and Partners !

LICENSING A Holistic Solution for Entitlement Management 4 LICENSING 30 / 90 / 365 Subscriptions 5
PROTECTION CodeMeter Support for Docker 7
CORPORATE The IT Security Club – Where Innovation Meets Community 9
LICENSING Licensing Cluster Simulations 10
The Covid pandemic continues to govern our daily lives and public debates . I am convinced that the virus will be here to stay with us . But like the flu , we will learn to manage and live with it . With these prospects of a return to normality , I am personally looking forward to seeing you again , here in Karlsruhe , at your place of business , or at the upcoming fall shows and exhibitions , like Formnext in Frankfurt and SPS in Nuremberg . We are excited to be there at both events – and you are welcome to join us !
The great chip shortage and the slow supplies of components are making life hard for many manufacturers . I can reassure you that our CodeMeter Dongles are fully available for you . Our strong inventory of chips and other components and our long-term contracts with our suppliers give us that certainty . Naturally , we must accept higher costs , but our supply lines are stable . This means that you can trust us to deliver what you need , when you need it , as your reliable partner .
As always , we do our best work when we work together , as we did for our award-winning Blurry Box technology , developed in co-operation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology . This November , we will formally launch the “ IT Security Club in the second building of our new Wibu-Systems campus . We have envisioned it as a very special co-working space , dedicated to all things IT security . On top of the modern facilities with its closed offices and private , fixed and flex-desks , it gives its members access to a dynamic innovation network to support activities for arranging and securing funding for collaborative projects . PROTECTION AxProtector JavaScript 11
LICENSING Retrieving Information from CodeMeter License Central 13
In this issue of our KEYnote magazine , you will read more about CodeMeter License Central , the License Portal , and our technology ‘ s integration into the SAP Entitlement Management System . There is also interesting news about protection in Docker containers and our CodeMeter Protection Suite ‘ s offerings for Python and JavaScript . I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you all a safe , healthy , and rewarding end to the business year .
Best regards , Oliver Winzenried CEO
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INFORMATION Wibu-Systems Training 18