KEYnote 38 English - Fall 2019 | Page 2

E D I T O R I A L Dear Clients and Partners! Content L I C E N SIN G CodeMeter SmartBind & Microsoft Azure 3 PR OTE CT IO N CodeMeter & Docker  4 PR OTE CT IO N IP Protection for Software without Licensing 6 L I C E N SIN G CodeMeter vs. Blockchain 8 S E C U RIT Y IP Protection in Additive Manufacturing 10 L I C E N SIN G CodeMeter Cloud Pilot Phase: The Birth of a New Product 12 H I G H L IG HT S News in Brief 14 C A S E ST UDY Case Study | Vector 15 I NF O R M AT IO N Wibu-Systems informs 16 Germany‘s business weekly, Wirtschaftswoche ( has recently reminded its readers that “The label ‚Made in Germany‘ continues to wow customers worldwide“ based on a survey by polling institute YouGov and Cambridge Uni- versity. This makes us proud but reminds us that it is also a constant challenge to always reach for the top and exceed expectations. History waits for no-one, and China shows us how large public building projects get finished on schedule, trains arrive on time, and AI and Big Data applications produce results. We are working intensively with partners from all corners of the world: Africa, the United States, Japan, China, and elsewhere. An exciting project researching 3D printing has just been launched with Beijing University, the RWTH Aachen, and German and Chinese businesses. We have been granted two patents, for our pseudolink and the Blurry Box protection technology. Both are already integrated into our CodeMeter Protec- tion Suite, where they are helping us protect your applications from reverse engineering and product piracy. We know the value of free trade, and we believe in the innovative minds of all our people around the globe. That is why we are investing in a new head office and our very special House of IT Security, the future home of researchers and entrepreneurs in our field. Enjoy this issue of the KEYnote magazine and read about exciting news and use cases: See CodeMeter in the Azure cloud; follow us as we take our first steps with CodeMeter Cloud, our upcoming solution for high-performance and high-scalability CmContainers in the cloud; learn more about CodeMeter in Docker environ- ments, the new IP Protection mode, 3D printing applications, and how CodeMeter compares to the much-vaunted Blockchain for software protection and licensing. I am looking forward to seeing you again – be it here in our headquarters in Karlsruhe, at a Wibu- Systems seminar, or at one of the upcoming fall shows, like COMPAMED and SPS in Germany or the ET in Japan. Best regards from Oliver Winzenried CEO