KEYnote 36 English - Fall 2018 | Page 4

L I C E N S I N G Licensing with the Cloud in Mind Predictive maintenance and Condition Monitoring have become hot topics in industry. It means collecting and processing data from as many devices as possible to make statistical predictions and plan maintenance, repairs, and replacements long before worst comes to worst. But what does it entail, and how can predictive maintenance providers make a profit with their services? Collecting Data In order to reliably predict wear and tear and anticipate possible failures, the system needs to collect and process masses of data. This is usually done via the cloud, to which all connected devices send their log files. The developers of predictive maintenance solutions use this data to create predictive algorithms, not unlike meteorologists for weather forecasts: Historical data is used for projections about future events. Neither predictive maintenance systems nor weather forecasters are 100% accurate, but they can tell you with some certainty whether you need to bring a – metaphorical or real – umbrella. With some certainty, it will not snow in Arizona during the summer. It might in Nepal. Location, then, is one of the many factors that make for accurate predictions. Collecting and processing data requires much labor and resources, but it also adds real value for the user: More than enough reason for selling such services. Licenses on the Ground The devices can include industrial controllers in many possible scenarios. Imagine a mining ope- ration: The devices are rarely online, meaning 4 that data could be shared only in sporadic bursts or by physical, offline means. Licensing such hardware is a technical and logistical challenge: The cloud might not be an option a mile underground. CodeMeter already has the perfect solution for these cases: A CmDongle is connected to the device, or a software CmActLicense is bound to it. The actual licenses can be distributed via the cloud by means of CodeMeter License Central and brought onto the CmDongle or CmActLicense when the hardware comes online again. For even more offline scenarios, you could physically transport a license file to the device. Licenses in the Cloud This type of licensing is the perfect choice for actual devices, but it is less suitable for the mentioned predictive maintenance solution. Its software stays in the cloud, and the license cannot be bound to a specific computer on the ground. You also can not plug a dongle into the cloud. Of course, you could operate physical license servers in a data center and make them available for a cloud solution, but this creates new questions in terms of costs