KEYnote 36 English - Fall 2018 | Page 16

HIGHLIGHTS News in Brief CmStick/T CmStick/T, 1001-03-230, with a real-time clock is now available in a sleek metal case and equipped with all features made possible by the newest firmware 4.10, including Universal Firm Codes. The socketed battery guarantees a long working life. your industrial applications. Contact our QM specialists for more details. Big in Japan To give our Japanese clients the best possible support, we are launching WIBU-SYSTEMS K.K. as a wholly owned subsidiary managed by Tomoki Maruyama and staffed with a top-notch team. Our long-standing partnership with our local distributor will remain active. Siemens TIA Portal CodeMeter offers secure password manage- ment with CmDongles on the TIA Portal, made possible with a special plug-in and manage- ment tool for allocating rights via CodeMeter License Central in the cloud. At SPS IPC Drives, we will demonstrate live its use with an HMI panel and a S7 PLC. CmStick/BMC and CmStick/BMI The new CodeMeter sticks with flash memory are now available in an ultra-compact full-metal case with read rates of up to 100 MB/s via the USB 3.1 interface, 16GB to 32GB MLC Nand or 8GB to 16GB pSLC flash memory, and optional support for extended temperature ranges and specialized applications. The comprehensive set of certifications make the CmSticks ready for industrial use. License Central Create Assign WebDepot Deliver Super User CodeMeter Password Manager User CodeMeter Use Password Provider Manager of the Year 2018 Mono and .NET Core AxProtector 10.30 now supports .NET Standard 2.0 applications in Mono and .NET Core, includ- ing optimum support for Unity 3D. Oliver Winzenried was nominated by the editors of Markt&Technik in the Pioneers and Innovators category – and promptly chosen by the readers. A reason to celebrate. Hardware Qualification CmDongles working in industrial environments, e.g. in controllers, need to fulfill exacting standards. We are investing in the development and testing of our products by external labs for exposure to gasses like SO 2 , H 2 S, corrosion, drop shocks, active or passive interference in the form of stray radiation or electrostatic emis- sions, magnetic fields, humidity, and changes in temperature. All these tests are performed to international standards for CE, FCC, VCCI, KCC, BSMI, RCM, UL and VDE compliance certifica- tion – to keep CodeMeter highly reliable for 16 Educational Portal for CodeMeter License Central There is a special portal solution tailored perfectly for educational software. For a demonstration, contact our sales team.