KEYnote 35 English - Spring 2018 | Page 2

E D I T O R I A L Dear Clients and Partners! Content L I C E N SIN G Expanded License Access Rights  3 L I C E N SIN G License Portal or Gateway – The Choice is Yours 4 L I C E N SIN G SAP, CodeMeter License Central, and Back Again 7 L I C E N SIN G Automatic License Updates 8 PR OTE CT IO N How Secure Do You Want Your Application To Be? 10 V I S I ON IN G I²M² - the Future of Industrial Device Monetization 12 Pay data ...3A8F2B3C... Payment Processor Pay data ...93AA4821... Operational User Our ambition is to take Wibu-Systems to the very top of the world’s market for digital product protection by offering genuine added value for makers, operators, and users alike, for applica- tions in industrial automation, for PC software like CAD / CAM, for carmakers or the financial sector, for the manufacturing industry, for the medical world, and for any other field becoming more digital and more connected. With you and with our field offices in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia, we are doing this work as your reliable and technically competent partner. For almost 30 years, we have maintained our independence as a family company dedicated to values of fairness, honesty, and loyalty. I thank you for your continued trust and collaboration. $$ $$ $$ ...2934556F3C... At Wibu-Systems, we are proud to play an active role in protecting the wealth and wellbeing of the national economies around the world. With you and many other partners at our side, we are promoting new technologies in the field of IT security, always with our mission in mind: To protect intellectual property and know-how, to enable new business models, and to ensure security everywhere. We want to create and maintain trust with transparent and user-friendly solutions. We are committed to mastering the challenges of digitalization and connected infrastructures beyond the standards required by law and beyond the simple commercial interests of our business. We are speaking of “digital so- vereignty” for our society. In our work, we want to fulfill the security needs of all our stakeholders, be they our own employees, our customers, our partners, or our shareholders. Cloud Service Component Builders System Builder 1x Invoice 1x $$$$$ H I G H L IG HT S News in Brief 14 C A S E ST UDY Case Study | ABB Marine & Ports 15 I NF O R M AT IO N Wibu-Systems informs 16 Read this issue of our KEYnote to find out more about monetization opportunities in the Internet of Things, the all-new WebDepot, gateways, our partnership with the SAP consultant Informatics, an exciting success story, and much more. Let yourself be inspired by these stories. I would love to meet you in person at one of the many conferences and exhibitions coming up in this new year. Best regards, Oliver Winzenried CEO