KEYnote 34 English - Fall 2017 - Page 2

E D I T O R I A L Dear Clients and Partners! Content PR OTE CT IO N Blurry Box Hacker’s Contest 3 PR OTE CT IO N Top-Notch Protection with Translocated Execution 4 I NF O R M AT IO N New Ticketing System  6 L I C E N SIN G New Business Models for Software, Machines, and Materials  8 L I C E N SIN G CodeMeter Cloud Lite 11 S E C U RIT Y CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 - New Features 12 Digitalization has arrived in every part of our society: Traffic and mobility, banking, the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0, digital medical technology, and education. The issue of data sovereignty has massive implications, including the question of who owns our data in the event of bike rental, financial records, production of machines, or medical devices. Germany’s federal government hosted the Digital Summit in June with special emphasis on the pressing topics of healthcare and medical science. We joined Infineon Techno- logies, the maker of the security controllers in our CmDongles, and Fritz Stephan GmbH, producer of intensive care ventilators and one of our clients, for a practical demonstration. We showcased how the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive patient data could be maintained, the features of the ventilators customized at the point of need, and new bu- siness models introduced. It was an impressive show of CodeMeter’s immediate benefits for patients, hospitals, and medical device makers alike. Medical devices need to be protected against piracy and manipulation. Flexible licensing also offers substantial added value. This KEYnote will tell you about the Agfa HealthCare’s success story with computed radiography. We are contributing actively to the Medical Technology working group of the VDMA and highlighting our comprehensive solutions at several exhibitions over the next few months, including Medtec in China, Medica/Compamed in Duesseldorf, Germany, and MD&M West in Anaheim, California. Read this issue of our KEYnote to find out more about CodeMeter Cloud Lite, CmEm- bedded 2.0, the results of our Blurry Box Hacker’s Contest in May 2017, and the new ticket system for our technical support. It’s an inspiring read! H I G H L IG HT S News in Brief 14 C A S E ST UDY Case Study AGFA HealthCare 15 I NF O R M AT IO N Wibu-Systems informs 16 Maybe we will meet at one of the many conferences and expos in the fall? Your Oliver Winzenried CEO