KEYnote 33 English - Spring 2017 - Page 15


Success Story Fritz Stephan

The Challenge Fritz Stephan was looking for a way to offer a cost-effective respiratory device that could be used both in emergency response situations and intensive care units , whose functionalities could be enabled on demand via a secure , internet-connected software licensing system . As an innovative world leader of ventilation solutions , Fritz Stephan also wanted to preserve the integrity of its technology .
The solution CodeMeter proves to be the perfect match for EVE , Fritz Stephan ’ s emergency ventilator unit . With CodeMeter , the company protects its own Intellectual Property against counterfeiting and reverse engineering ; with a CmCard integrated directly in the unit , they protect their secrets from tampering ; with CodeMeter License Central , they process license-based customer orders ; and with WebDepot , they can upgrade units in the field .
The result By implementing cutting-edge security and licensing systems , Fritz Stephan is safeguarding its many years of investments into its technology , is able to easily upsell new licenses over the Internet to its global customer base , and can conveniently modify the set of features of its devices .
The Customer Fritz Stephan GmbH is regarded as one of the world leaders in the development of specialized technical solutions in ventilation , anesthesiology and oxygen supply , with a special focus on neonatology and pediatrics . Clinical experience coupled with a high level of technical competence is achieved by close cooperation and an active dialogue with customers on a global scale . The development and supply of cutting-edge technology
solutions for the benefit of the patient is the ultimate goal and vision of both the Fritz Stephan GmbH and its second generation majority owner Ms . Tanja Stephan .
Bernd Hoehne Marketing Manager , Fritz Stephan We are excited about the success that our EVE family product is experiencing . The software and hardware-based integration of CodeMeter with EVE has allowed our business expansion to reach new global markets . Our customers appreciate the modular pricing structure we have created , the regular updates of our device software they receive online , and the possibility to upgrade anytime to new functionality .