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PC ( Windows , Linux , macOS )
CodeMeter Runtime
AxProtector . NET
CodeMeter Runtime
and how frequently the license should be checked is just one of the many settings at your disposal , pre-set to the most meaningful option .
Beating attackers The protected application will notice when hackers tamper with it or attack it otherwise and automatically lock the license in such incidents . This keeps your know-how protected and prevents any additional attack . AxProtector uses the full power of CodeMeter in the encryption : On top of the keys stored in the license , there is a variable key to make the encryption unpredictable . AxProtector also checks whether the protected software has been tampered with since its original encryption and

Ax prevents manipulated applications from running .

CodeMeter Protection Suite
Java SE Java EE
AxProtector Java
CodeMeter Runtime
Embedded Operating System
AxProtector CmE
CodeMeter Embedded
CodeMeter Embedded
Software Authenticity ( Secure Loader / Authenticity )
Integrity Protection ( Tamper Protection )
Automatic Protection ( IP Protection )
Anti-Debug Methods
Encryption of Individual Functions
CodeMeter Variant used
It is just as easy to include modular protection and the checking of special license details . The user interface lets you define additional licenses , e . g . for modules licensed separately . These additional licenses can be checked with the Wibu Universal Protection Interface ( WUPI ). Combined with function-level encryption , this creates a strong shield for these additional modules .
User-friendly notifications When no licenses are available – be it the basic license or additional licenses – a flexible error management process springs into action : Its response to an identified incident and the notifications given to your users can be adjusted with the settings of AxProtector and the so-called UserMessage library . An application could return a customized error message , or the incident could be recorded in a special log file in the case of a protected function . during its initial testing . You can integrate the encryption of applications and libraries already in the build process . The settings defined with the AxProtector UI can be exported into a settings file at the push of a button , and the encryption process can be executed automatically with a simple command line call .
Safe investments Wibu-Systems regularly publishes new versions of CodeMeter Protection Suite with new and improved security capabilities on board . The free updates strengthen the protection of your applications without any effort on your part and keep your work safe from attackers . Protecting software with the tools in CodeMeter Protection Suite is not just simple – it also gets better over time . The evolution of new technologies will easily integrate into your software without any complexities .
Safe and simple ! CodeMeter Protection Suite gives your application or library a double layer of protection in a few simple steps : It stops would-be attackers from copying your software or analyzing its code and safeguards your revenue streams while shielding the invaluable know-how you have developed !
More security – IxProtector The strong protection provided by the automatic encryption can be made even tougher by using function-level encryption . A selection of functions is encrypted additionally and only decrypted into working code when the functions are specifically required . This individual form of protection is called IxProtector and is easily integrated in software . Just mark the target functions , including an API call for decrypting them as needed , and include the functions in the settings – it is as simple as that .
In the case of . NET and Java applications , the different format means that the encryption is automatically applied on the level of individual methods . AxProtector . NET and AxProtector Java come with IxProtector integrated without requiring any special configuration . The methods are automatically decrypted during execution .
Simple process integration The protection process should be fully integrated into your standard workflows , so that your software is already protected
On embedded systems , AxProtectorCmE can protect applications running on :
■■ Linux ARM ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■■ Windows Embedded
ExProtector – a version of AxProtector made with the special needs of embedded systems in mind – can protect know-how and prevent manipulation on the following platforms :
■■ Linux
■■ VxWorks
■■ Other OS on request