KEYnote 33 English - Spring 2017 - Page 10


Software Protection – Safe and Simple

Protecting software should be safe and simple – but isn ’ t that a contradiction in terms ? Wibu-Systems shows that it does not have to be with CodeMeter Protection Suite . Its tools protect against fraud , are easy to build into software applications , and make software protection work seamlessly with existing processes .
CodeMeter Protection Suite Protecting intellectual property and making sure that only licensed software can be used is just one of the many challenges that software developers have to contend with . Software can be delivered in different forms : as executable applications or as libraries . Whether you are making software for Windows , macOS , or Linux – the solution for this challenge can be found in the sophisticated tools included in CodeMeter Protection Suite .
AxProtector AxProtector ( Automatic Executable Protection ) gives you a perfect tool for the automatic protection of compiled software . The software can come in many shapes and sizes : from “ regular ” binaries , written in C / C ++ or Delphi , to precompiled code produced in . NET for Windows or cross-platform Java . All of these types can be protected with AxProtector , AxProtector . NET , or AxProtector Java , with each tool using a unique technique to protect your work .
Uniform interface Upon launching AxProtector , you first need to select the application type . The assistant then opens and helps you protect your unprotected application in a few simple steps . The intuitive process needs no manual or special instructions . AxProtector supports several licensing systems , so that you could encrypt one and the same software with different licenses . When using a Universal Firm Code , you can also simply encrypt your file and decide later whether you want to use a device-bound license file ( CmActLicense ), secure hardware ( CmDongle ), or a userspecific license from the cloud . If you have a Firm Code for a CmDongle , CmActLicense , or
AxProtector protects the following file types :
■■ Windows applications ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■■ Windows libraries ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■■ macOS applications ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■■ macOS libraries ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■■ Linux applications ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
Linux libraries ( 32-bit , 64-bit )
■ ■ . NET Assembly
■■ Java applications
■■ Java web applications
WibuKey , you have the option of encrypting the application with it . Wibu-Systems is committed to full backward compatibility : The current protection mechanisms will also be available for older licensing systems .
When a protected application is launched , it will look for the right license in one of the allowed licensing systems .
It is easy to determine how the license for the protected software is counted , e . g . once per launch or only once per computer . Whether