KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 - Page 18

HIGHLIGHTS Latests news summary Upgrade for CodeMeter License Central WebDepot The new CodeMeter License Central WebDepot offers greater flexibility and easier customization functionalities. Among the enhanced features are the selection of CmContainer types, either software-based (CmActLicense) or hardwarebased (CmDongle), online and offline license transfers, the definition of displayed list fields belonging to a ticket, language selection, and much more. AxProtector 9.0 AxProtector for native applications can now check the authenticity of different executables and DLLs that belong to an application. This guarantees the integrity of an application while in use and prevents any component from being tampered or patched. Ax AxProtector Java now supports different licenses for different methods without the need of any source code modification. Please read the release notes to see all the additional improvements introduced. WibuKey driver Windows 8 and 8.1 Logo certified CodeMeter Runtime 5.10 The CodeMeter WebAdmin can create reports and visualize basic tracking data. It is easier now to show how the licensed software is used, how many licenses are used at the same time, and when licenses have not been granted because the number of available licenses was not sufficient. The CodeMeter Runtime now supports WebSocket communications for updating licenses from a browser at the user’s side. This avoids conflicts with installed Java versions. 18 All WibuBox/U+ and /RU+ units with serial numbers 12-xxxx and 13-xxxx (manufactured since January 2014) are the first Wibu-Systems products with this new smart card chip on board. CodeMeter form factors will follow, beginning in mid-2014, and will be available as ASIC in a VQFN-package as well. Successful Webinar series Our monthly webinars are continuing to complement our educational programming and focus on special topics. In January we talked about “Data Security in the Cloud” and in February we covered “Customization of the License Deployment Process.” With a large number of participants, these webinars have proved valuable to all. Don’t miss the next events and register soon. As a registered listener, you will receive the link with the recordings. Whitepaper Virtualization The new WibuKey drivers for 32- and 64-bit operating systems have successfully passed the Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 logo test. This guarantees the hassle-free use of WibuKey with the new Windows versions. Furthermore, ISVs can directly pass the Windows logo test themselves for their WibuKey protected applications. Cooperation with Infineon Technologies Wibu-Systems and Infineon Technologies started a strategic cooperation in 2013. The goal is to use the latest Infineon Security controller for industrial security applications. This year, Infineon, a global leader in chip cards and security systems, began delivery of their SLE97 security controller with USB interface and related crypto libraries, both certified according to Common Criteria EAL 5+. Wibu-Systems chose Infineon as a supplier due to, in part, the high commitment we both share towards the industrial market, well-represented by a controller supporting an extended temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. Virtualization offers, besides scalable performance and fail-safe setups, a number of additional benefits for enterprises. Licensing in virtual environments is, however, a challenge for ISVs. Our whitepaper explains the principles CodeMeter relies on and its different features. It is available for download at, just like new case studies we add regularly. Check out our website for the resources that are most relevant for your scenario. CodeMeter wins 2014 SIIA CODiE Award This year CodeMeter was awarded by SIIA with the prestigious CODiE for the category “Best Content Rights and Delivery Solution.” The jury declared CodeMeter to be the best solution for flexible creation and deployment of licenses, as well as protection of digital content and software. We are very proud of this international prize. It encourages us to stay ahead of average solutions and spurs us to offer continuous product enhancements.