KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 | Page 6

One basic action that is needed is for the Web service that connects CodeMeter License Central with Salesforce to be made known in Salesforce. For this purpose, it needs to be entered and set up as a remote site in the Remote Site Settings in Administration Setup > Security Controls (see P3). Finally, a few lines of VisualForce markup code need to be produced for the Web service of CodeMeter License Central to be accessed by Salesforce with the right parameters for creating the request. As a result, the Web service returns the ticket to Salesforce (see P4). P3: Web services administration in Salesforce Now a new request can be created in CodeMeter License Central directly from Salesfor ce. The resulting ticket is made available for further use, such as its delivery to the client by email or as a Ticket ID on the customer’s delivery papers. How do the licenses reach the customer? It’s not until the last steps of the process that the customer comes into play. The customer retrieves the licenses by using the created ticket (e.g., via the License Central WebDepot). The licenses are copied to a CmStick connected to the user’s PC. If the ISV chooses to use software-based licenses, the customer can activate these directly on his or her PC by following the same route (see P5). P4: VisualForce code created in Salesforce Summary Combining CRM or ERP systems with CodeMeter License Central allows the professional distribution and monitoring of licenses. Comprehensive Web services allow the entire license administration and activation functionality of License Central to be integrated into an already established back-office system. This sample based on Salesforce shows that this is not only the case for familiar in-house systems like SAP or similar options, but also for cloud-based solutions. All systems that allow the integration of Web services can integrate the license management functions transparently and with little effort. And if you need some help or don’t want to do it yourself, our Professional Service Team is always available to help you achieve this goal. 6 P5: Retrieving licenses from the WebDepot