KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 | Page 4

KNOW-HOW Salesforce Integration For software publishers, distributing the right licenses to their users is one of the most important steps in the entire sales process. The procedure needs to be simple, secure and transparent. No more than a few clicks should be required for the user to have the license on his or her system. At the same time, the independent software vendor (ISV) wants to immediately see how many licenses have been sold and how many are active on the user’s side. This needs a perfect integration between the back-office systems used by the ISV and CodeMeter ® License Central, the comprehensive license management solution for all the software vendor’s needs. Objectives The market for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an embarrassment of riches with the many different solutions offered by SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, and other providers. Many ISVs also rely on their own, home-grown applications for the purpose. Among cloud-based CRM applications, Salesforce has long been one of the market leaders – which is why we’ll take a closer look at how CodeMeter License Central (Internet Edition) can be made to work with Salesforce in just a handful of clicks. License Central gives ISVs the full versatility of the licensing solutions made by Wibu-Systems right in Salesforce and combines the advantages of both systems in a perfectly designed Web service. 4 For this purpose, CodeMeter License Central is automatically integrated to create license requests for the customer’s data, which is kept on Salesforce via a dedicated SOAP interface. These requests include one or more licenses for the customer and are identified by unique ticket IDs. For each request, the ticket is sent back to Salesforce, before it is delivered to the customer by email or a delivery slip. The user retrieves his or her licenses for this ticket via the ISV’s web portal (License Central WebDepot) or directly from within the software. Which edition of works? In order to integrate with CodeMeter License Central, the ISV needs to use either the Enterprise or Performance Edition of­ Salesforce. These two editions include integration capabilities via the Webservice API, which is needed for the automatic integration of CodeMeter License Central via the SOAP interface (see P1). Which changes need to be made in CodeMeter License Central? For CodeMeter License Central to create new requests and generate licenses, it only needs the addition of the required item. The item is identified securely via a defined Item Id, which Salesforce must know, and which is transmitted as a parameter when the web service is accessed for the automatic creation of a new request (see P2).