KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 | Page 16

From the ISV to the User Licenses can make their way from ISVs to users via multiple alternative routes. With the flexibility and power of License Central, it’s easy to come up with the solutions that are perfect for you. But that complexity can be overwhelming, so it’s important to select licensing options that are best for you and your users. The best practice seems to be for ISVs to find the best routes for their specific target groups. The most common route goes online, and is offered as the standard choice for users. One or more fall-back options should be offered for problem cases, usually including at least one offline route. The multible delivery options for perfect license transfere are displayed in the orange box below. The choice of the best route depends on many factors. When determining these factors, some good questions to ask are: Are you working mostly with new customers or mostly with an established customer base? Are your customers Cloud CodeMeter License Central Database SOAP (XML), JSON, HTTP Post User Ticket + license Request File License Update File Receipt Online activation regular internet users or do they prefer offline options? Are the licenses managed by an administrator? How technologically skilled are your customers? Wibu-Systems’ licensing experts are always available to contribute their know-how and best practices for choosing the optimal route. The User’s Perspective For users, licensing should be a simple process that does not interfere with their everyday work. They expect answers for the following questions from license management: <