KEYnote 27 English - Spring 2014 | Page 13

Antoon Laane, Product Manager EMEA, Controllers & Design Software, Rockwell Automation, Belgium Wibu-Systems has proven to be a solid business partner, clearly showing their understanding of the Industrial Automation market and the critical role of security in our industry. It is truly a pleasure to work with every member of the team. Markus Stoll, Director E ­ ngineering IAM Diagnostic Software, Bosch, Germany We are pleased with the integration of Wibu-Systems CodeMeterAct, which has allowed us to put an even safer solution in place. We are very excited about our burgeoning growth into Latin America and Africa: these continents are amazing in terms of their economic potential and we would be excited to start local collaborations there. Many of your co-workers have been with you for an exceptionally long time. What is the secret behind such a loyal team? [Marcellus] Employees are the engine of innovation and design. Their input is very respected. Our company is growing in a stable fashion aiming at a broad ultimate picture; we are not the typical “hire and fire” business driven by short sighted financial results. At Wibu-Systems, the staff members of all departments contribute with their ideas and influence company’s decisions. The atmosphere is cheerful, doors are open to invite dialogue, we all enjoy a high level of reciprocal trust combined with a receptiveness to cultural interchange both within our headquartered team and with all our offices and partners scattered all over the world. The company promotes high ethical values which makes it easier for all to identify with them and pursue the common goals we set together. Last but not least, we invest in continuous training and education of our staff and share our commercial success with them. Matthew Fowles, Group Marketing Manager, LVD Group, Belgium After years of working with Wibu-Systems, we continue to be impressed with the extreme reliability and the easy handling of its security technology. CodeMeter supports us admirably in coping with LVD’s ongoing technological evolution. You have achieved a proven track record of patents and awards. What is your role to this day with the educational world? And how much are you involved in training new students? [Oliver] Yes, that’s true, we own several trademarks, domains and patents in the US, Japan, and Eur ope. Patents are the true essence of the value of a company. And to make sure our innovations keep being top-notch, we are very active in research and development, and thus cooperate with, among others, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Fraunhofer organizations, and DFKI -- the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Dieter Hess, General Manager, 3S-Smart Software Solutions, Germany Wibu-Systems is our partner for license protection and security on all desktop and embedded platforms. The reasons that led us to choose Wibu-Systems are the strong commitment to the industrial market, the long-term experience in the license protection technology, and the willingness to continue to improve the products together with us. Thanks to this constant exchange of knowledge, students are welcome for their internships in our headquarters or offices abroad while they complete their PhD. Moreover, we promote engineering, computer science, and other technology-oriented disciplines directly in primary schools, where we introduce pupils to these professions. If there was something flattering you were to say about your top competitors, what would it be? [Marcellus] We have a decent amount of competitors in the field, not too few and not too many, which gives us the right kind of encouragement to offer high-value products to our customers and spurs us to differentiate our offering. As independent analysts recently highlighted in a Hot Company Watchlist for our market segment, Wibu-Systems is actually one of the two top world leaders in hardware-based software protection and one of the three top global vendors in license management. Given that we have an innate tendency to overengineer, the competition also plays a role in keeping us on track. With some vendors driven by sheer profit and others who have mainly turned their company from an entrepreneurial activity to a financial venture, we are happy to sit in the midst of all this and maintain our feet right on the ground and our minds in free rein mode. What is the legacy that you’d like to convey to aspirational entrepreneurs? [Oliver] Wait until you have a bright idea, but when it comes to you and you’ve tested it, start pursuing it no matter what. And then keep a good balance between external suggestions and your own insight. Patience and endurance are also top ingredients for a good mix. 13