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I N T R O Dear Clients and Partners of WIBU! Content I N F O R M AT I O N Wibu-Systems global 3 K N OW- H OW Scalable Licenses with CodeMeter 4 K N OW- H OW Secure Boot 6 PRODUCT AxProtector – Simply Safer 8 PRODUCT SmartShelter PDF: Protecting and Monetizing Documents 10 PRODUCT Customer Portal 12 Hardly a day goes by without a mention of PRISM, Tempora, or XKeyscore in the media. Behind the acronyms, the private information of citizens is at stake – and so is industrial espionage. In business, know-how is essential for survival. It can take many forms: algorithms or software processes in IT or parts and components built into physical devices and machines. Manufacturing data, which can include invaluable intellectual property and production know-how about the complete product, is also affected. In an ever more integrated world, the ‘security’ of open systems has become a top priority. Governments across the world are actively investing into research in the field, be it in Europe with its ISO62443 standards, in the United States ISA99, or in Asia. Protection against these threats needs increasingly sophisticated solutions. Licensing and monitoring are becoming more and more important in traditional IT to give users as much freedom to use their products as possible, but still allow accurate billing. In manufacturing, resilient protections have become essential in the fight against cyber-attacks and illicit manipulation. With CodeMeter, our research and development efforts cover both flanks: CmLicenseCentral has expanded modules such as retail, usage metering, and electronic software distribution functionality; our tools make integrity protection easier and more effective; and we are supporting more and more industry environments and standards. We do this to give our users a system they can depend on for the long term with solutions that fulfill their requirements both today and tomorrow. Read this issue of KEYnote with its featured topic “Simple Integration in Software and Processes” for interesting and useful news for your applications. Our support team is always available if you have any questions about our solutions. HIGHLIGHTS Latest News Summary 14 C A S E S T U DY Propellerhead Success Story 15 I N F O R M AT I O N Roadshows, Fairs and Events 16 Before the end of the year, we will be attending many conferences and expos around the world. Come and see us – our specialists and I will be looking forward to seeing you in person! If your schedules do not allow you to meet us in the meantime, I would like to use this opportunity to wish you a great end-of-year business and a pleasant autumn and winter for you and your families. Yours, Oliver Winzenried (CEO) 2