Kerby Young Designs Magazine KYD Summer Issue - Page 48

AALIYAH ROGERS is a beautiful young fashion/ photo model discovered by Christian Fuentes. She has had a passion for the art of modeling from the age of five (5). Aaliyah primarily focuses on the editorial and

catwalk genres, but also engages in commercial modeling. Aaliyah has worked with Zoma Business Enterprises, and KYD Designs, as well as several local photographers and publishing houses.

At the age of sixteen (16), Aaliyah carries a slim 180cm (5’11”) frame, with medium length natural hair, light brown skin, and deep almond shaped eyes. Her physical attributes, coupled with her sense of style,

poise, and the determination to excel at everything she does, makes her a great candidate for eveningwear, swimwear, and lingerie modeling/ promotion.

Aaliyah is always in search of the next creative challenge into which she can channel her energy, drive, and passion. In her private life she has a love of fine arts and the culinary arts. Apart from having a

successful modeling career, her dream is to become a qualified chef, and eventually own/ operate a restaurant.

Aaliyah is available for bookings both locally and overseas, and can be contacted on all social media platforms. On Facebook you can locate her as Aaliyah Rogers. On Instagram she is @AaliyahRogersOfficial . Join us in congratulating Aaliyah on being selected as our feature model @KYD

this month, and don’t be shy about reaching out to her to let her know how much you enjoyed her images.