Kerby Young Designs Magazine KYD Summer Issue - Page 13

Naballah Chi is a fashion designer widely recognized as one

of Trinidad and Tobago's more talented and forward-

thinking creators. She continually pushes the boundaries of

fashion design. Since founding her own brand in 2015

she has been focused on creating new forms of expression

by combining traditional materials, and methods of

garment construction into her unique aesthetic vision.

The main influences of her work are African aesthetics

fused with urban culture. A compelling balance of

soft, intricate details, flowing, curved lines combined

with intense, bold colours and patterns. She draws

inspiration from her travels, observation of cultures,

nature and architecture. Having studied Fashion

Design at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Deign,

her creations are aimed to invoke reflection on

the beauty existing in the world through Fashion and Art.

Her singular vision, combined with the complexity of her

creations has made her a fixture on the Qurux

Afrika calendar annually, where her designs have been

featured since June 2016. Her work has been

featured internationally, including major publications

like BBC, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, and

Huffington Post. Naballah continues her labour of love

within her Valsayn studio, where new ideas are

born, and orders are meticulously crafted for her clientele.