Kerby Young Designs Magazine KYD Summer Issue - Page 11

continued increase in scale.

This was further enhanced by the

involvement of the coordinators/

committee, Mr. Mitchell

Padmore,  Ms. Pam Noel,

Ms. Sherneka Noel Edwards,

and Ms. Vanessa Joseph.

Without the involvement and

commitment of each of these

people, the level of success

currently being enjoyed by

the pageant, could never exist.

I salute these professionals.

My efforts to prepare for this

pageant would have been

significantly more difficult without

the love and support of my

dear friends Ms. Darcel Thomas,

Ms. Angel Prodhumme, and

Ms. Joanne Garro.

There is no true way

for me to express

my thanks to

them. I also

congratulate Miss Abbey Poujade, Stephanie Kirk-Sinnette, first runner up, and Miss Beard Street, Lystra Nurse, the second runner up. You are both winners in my eyes. It was a tough competition, and you did

yourselves, your families, and your neighbours proud.

As the reigning queen I am now directing my energies toward projects that will uplift the people of Carenage. I believe in youth empowerment as a mechanism toward deterring our next generation away from the scourge of crime that is destroying the fabric of our society. I pledge to make a difference, and ask that you do the same. One life lost to crime, is

one life too many. From a pageant standpoint, my eyes are now fixed upon winning the Miss Beauty Trinidad & Tobago 2019, and as you

have seen, once I establish a goal, I am impossible to deter. I also look forward to working with the coordinators and

delegates of the Miss St. Peter’s Big and Beautiful Pageant 2020 to continue building this strong tradition within our