Kerby Young Designs Magazine KYD Summer Issue - Page 10

I am Alicia Gift and I am the reigning Miss St. Peters Big and Beautiful Queen 2019.

My journey to achieving this honour started in 2014 when I entered the

Miss Fabulous Plus Pageant. Unfortunately at I was not successful in that

pageant, as I failed to be placed among the top five (5) contestants that moved forward to the final round. I was left undaunted, and met with the pageant

coordinator to do a post mortem of my performance. Understanding my areas of weakness, I mapped out a plan to manage them and improve my presentation to the judges. In 2015, I reentered the competition and was victorious.

Fast forward now to 2018. Having gained a new confidence, and an understanding

of the attributes that I needed to communicate to the judges, I entered the Miss St. Peter’s Big and Beautiful Pageant and was tied for the first runner up

position. Once again I took a step back at the end of the competition to

reevaluate the potential factors that denied me the crown in this instance.

One year later, I came back and as stated at the beginning of this article, I am now the

reigning Queen. Mine is a story of perseverance, passion and the search for

perfection. These are the things that have led to my success in pageants.

They are also key factors in how I live my life. With everything I pursue,

I put my heart and soul into it.

When I am successful, I celebrate the success and move on to new challenges.

When I am anything less than 100% successful, I take the time to learn

where I may have gone wrong, and improve upon the things over which I have


Participation in the Miss St. Peter’s Big and Beautiful Pageant was a great experience, and I genuinely had fun. It was amazing to be a part of a group of strong,

independent, and competitive women, who all had their eyes on the prize, but

never lost sight of the fact that at its core, the pageant is about fostering love and mutual respect. Although the pageant started off as a small event three years ago,

it has now grown into something that the founders probably never truly


The past queens, Ms. Dalia Smith (2017) and Ms. Francine Edwards (2018)

always made themselves available to support

and coach all of the delegates. This sharing of love ensures that the pageant maintains the family feel, regardless of its

Alicia Gift

Miss St. Peters Big and

Beautiful Queen 2019.