Keepmoat Homes Options Keepmoat Homes Options Brochure - Page 24 24 External Lighting and Access Control Our Electrical Additions range includes everything from simply designed exterior lighting to the very latest wireless alarm technology. Browse through the selections below and personalize your home’s security. Traditional half lantern external light or Contemporary external light (development specific) Chrome downlighter (Available in kitchen, hallway, bathroom and en suite) Lighting 100W flood light with PIR Code Traditional half lantern external light or contemporary external light (development specific) ELEC012 100W Flood light with PIR ELEC013 Chrome downlighters* ELEC014 Wireless door bell Access Control Code ELEC007 Wireless door bell Security Make it yours: Code Wireless alarm Wireless alarm 2 bed Aptmt FOG 3 bed 4 bed ELEC008 ELEC008 ELEC008 ELEC009 ELEC010