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challenging , up-and-down course . But it ’ s also a game that calls for skill and thinking .”
Recent changes to the Hokuala Foot- Golf course have resulted in an improved layout that promises even more enjoyment . The par-36 , 1,039-yard course has been redesigned for convenience by keeping it near the Hale Kiele Café , whereas the original course crossed over hole No . 1 on the Ocean Course . The entire layout is within convenient walking distance for food , beverages and restrooms , and it allows for FootGolf to be played almost any time of day .
“ With the new course layout in one general area , it makes it much easier for players to walk ,” Duncan said . “ It ’ s not a far , spread-out hike like the original course .”
One of the biggest challenges to conquer on the course is strikes into a headwind .
“ Kicking in the wind is the best ,” says Duncan . “ You need to plan your ball placement thoughtfully , so the par 5 doesn ’ t turn into a par 10 !” ............................................................... > CLICK HERE to learn more about FootGolf at Hokuala .
Kawena Hokuala | May-June 2022



FootGolf course flagsticks feature custom-designed Hawaiian T-shirt

Those aren ’ t just any flags blowin ’ in the wind on the FootGolf course at Hokuala . Instead of a traditional golf course flag , the FootGolf layout features flagsticks with a distinctive Hawaiian touch at the top .

As you kick your way to the green , you ’ ll find brightly colored purple and yellow Hawaiian T-shirts marking your ultimate destination that were created by none other than Joseph Figaroa , the President of Hawaii Fashion Week , which recently held its Spring & Summer Exhibition at Hokuala .
Each shirt is made of a specialized woven cotton material with a customdrafted pattern that was designed to integrate components of a golf flag with the ability to move gracefully in the wind , Figaroa said .
They also allow FootGolfers to enjoy a unique experience on the course .
“ When an individual views a flagstick with a Hawaiian T-shirt flapping in the wind and the emerald green mountains in the background , you are creating a memory that you are on a golf course in Hawaii ,” Figaroa said .