Junsjazz Images & Inspiration Issue #6 - Page 3


Compose. You don't have to be technically proficient. Capture. You don't need to own the most expensive camera. Create. The art of photography requires perception, passion and persistence. Every image you take is a story. Be true to your art and tell your story well.



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I'm Junsjazz , a photography enthusiast from the Philippines. Welcome to this showcase of images meant to inspire, uplift and enliven. This is the digital magazine edition of my photo blog. You can check out Junsjazz Images & Inspiration for more of my photography.

The Philippines is a “fiesta country.” Almost every town and city celebrate a fiesta of sorts in honor of a patron saint, bountiful harvest, a delicacy or handicraft the place is known for. Activities usually consist of street performances, local beauty contests, drum and bugle competition, the community parade and a culmination night. Some places have kept the celebration small, others through the years have become tourist attractions. These premiere festivals attract thousands of visitors from within the country and from abroad. They are virtual explosions of colors, eye-catchng tribal and local costumes, elaborate choreography, frenetic dancing to the beats of drums and music. It is the “Mardi Gras” of East Asia. I will run out of words but the images I took when I covered these events will describe their magnificence and sheer pageantry. Let the celebration begin!

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